Ollie Dog Food Review

Whether you’re a new pup parent or you’ve had dogs all your life, you probably know how important it is to feed your dog safe and nutritious food. But, have you heard of Ollie?

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Why would you want to feed your dog something that you yourself wouldn’t be able to eat?! If you’re just diving into the world of fresh dog food, you may have come across Ollie. Ollie is a fresh dog food company known for their health and safety standards when it comes to their food. Like other fresh dog food companies, Ollie offers a personalized meal plan based on your dog’s age, weight, breed, activity, and allergies. Once you find the right plan and recipes for your dog, you are able to subscribe to have fresh food delivered straight to your door as often as you need!


High quality and healthy: Ollie’s recipes contain human-grade ingredients, leave out the harsh preservatives and fillers, and are created by veterinarians.

Convenient: Food is delivered right to your door and is pre-portioned to be directly served to your dog.

Personalized: Ollie will create a custom meal plan for your dog based on your preferences and their needs.

Great starter kit: Your Ollie starter kit contains two weeks of food, a food scoop, and a container made to store your fresh dog food.


Only available in the contiguous U.S.: Ollie only ships to the 48 continental states at this time.

Requires fridge/freezer space: Because Ollie’s recipes are fresh (and can technically be eaten by humans) they do need to be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Only dog food is offered: At this time, Ollie only sells dog food which can be a blocker if you still need to shop for other pet food.

More about Ollie...

The brand was founded by three dog owners–Alex Douzet, Gabby Slome, and Randy Jimenez who wanted to make dog food recipes that promote a long and healthy life. Ollie was founded on the belief that we should only be feeding our dogs food that we would eat ourselves. What we feed our dogs directly impacts their internal health, outward appearance, and overall mood. This is why traditional dry kibble can have such a negative effect on our dog’s health. Kibble contains dangerous preservatives and unnecessary fillers such as corn and wheat. These ingredients provide very little nutritional value and are just added to kibble to keep your dogs full. This means that many pups aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals they actually need to live a long and healthy life. And this is where Ollie comes in!

Ollie offers fresh dog food that is safe enough for humans to consume which means no fillers or preservatives. All of their recipes were developed by vets and follow the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (or the AAFCO) standards. They know that the health of your dog starts with the food they eat which is how the brand got their start. Ollie’s mission is to continue to support dogs across the country and their individual needs with their personalized meal plans and high quality recipes.

The product

Currently, Ollie offers dog food for any dog no matter their weight, age, or breed. All of their food is human-grade, developed with the help of vets, and does not contain fillers or preservatives. Real meat is the first ingredient in Ollie food with organ meat being the second ingredient. This makes for a high protein meal ranging from 35%-44% protein. The company offers four different recipes for your pup to try: beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Aside from meat, all of the Ollie recipes are packed with healthy fruits and veggies such as peas, kale, carrots, blueberries, spinach, lentils, cranberries, and more. All of the recipes are perfectly balanced to keep your dog healthy and happy.

How it works

As with other fresh dog food companies, Ollie requires an initial quiz when signing up for a meal plan. Prepare to answer questions about your dog’s breed, age, weight, activity levels, health, and allergies if applicable. All of these factors help Ollie recommend the perfect meal plan to include the amount of food needed and the type of recipes offered. Although Ollie will recommend certain recipes based on your quiz answers, you are always able to choose what you think your pup will like best. From there, Ollie will automatically charge your credit card for every box shipped depending on their recommended shipping frequency. Since the food is fresh, Ollie’s shipping boxes come packed with ice and insulation to keep the food cold. Your first order with Ollie will come with two weeks of food, a food scoop, and an airtight container to keep open food in. The storage of opened food packs is a huge complaint amongst other fresh dog food companies which Ollie addresses in your first box! Your first shipment will also contain instructions on how to convert your pup over to fresh dog food from kibble as it may take some transition time done gradually. This will help avoid an upset stomach and help them get used to fresh dog food.

Ollie is very flexible with their subscription service and does allow you to pause, skip, or cancel your orders at any time. They can also ship to temporary addresses if you are traveling within the U.S.


Like most dog food subscription services, the price of Ollie’s fresh dog food varies based on your dog’s age, weight, and breed. All of these factors contribute to the recipes and amount of food your dog will be sent which reflects in the price range. Ollie notes that their meal plans start as low as $4 a day and the average Ollie customer spends $8 a day. Here is an estimated price breakdown based on your dog’s weight:

  • Small dogs (10-20 pounds): $4-$6 a day, totalling $120-$180 a month
  • Small/medium dogs (20-40 pounds): $7-$8 a day, totalling $210-$240 per month
  • Medium/large dogs (40-65 pounds): $9-$10 a day, totalling $270-$300 per month
  • Large dogs (65+ pounds): $10-$12 a day, totalling $300-$360 per month

Depending on the size/weight of your dog, Ollie can definitely be on the pricier size, particularly if you have a large dog. That said, investing in high quality and nutritious food will keep your dog healthy and by your side longer which makes it all worth it in the end.

Ollie reviews: feedback from customers

Ollie currently has 4.4 stars with over 840 reviews on TrustPilot. For our Ollie review, we wanted to incorporate some of this feedback straight from their own community:

“I made the decision to switch to Ollie 7 months ago and I don’t regret it. My girl has a beautiful coat and no weight or tummy issues. Maggie eats her food and I can tell she loves it.The customer service is impeccable and food comes every 8 weeks. Ollie is the only one for my girl because I only want the best for her.” -Diana Giraldo, Trustpilot

“Our 2 year old Staffy is very picky. We have had him on Ollie twice now (before and after an allergy outbreak) and it is SO CLEAR how great this food is. First of all, he loves it. He turns his nose up at any dry kibble and I honestly can’t blame him. In addition, his skin and coat are beautiful: softer and silkier than ever before. His allergies have cleared up. He doesn’t have any stomach issues. I could not be happier with this product. Thank you for keeping my fur baby healthy and happy!” -Erika Manderbach, Trustpilot

“My dog loves this food. It helps her weight stay at a steady number compared to just hard food. Her coat is shiny and is less itchy. She cannot get enough of it.” -Sam, Trustpilot

“My dog loves Ollie. And I believe Ollie cares about the people and their pets. My dog doesn’t get bored with her food since there are a variety of options. And I feel she’s getting healthy and good quality food that I trust.” -Jessica Shockley, Trustpilot


Although Ollie dog food is definitely on the pricier side, it is a worthwhile investment to try out for your pups at home. Many dog owners noticed that after trying Ollie, their dogs were excited for meal time, had consistent bowel movements, and had more energy throughout the day. This is because of the fresh, nutritious ingredients that are featured in Ollie’s recipes! Not only will your dog feel great after eating Ollie food, but you can also feel good knowing that you support a company who prioritizes donating to no-kill shelters and dog rescue organizations. When choosing a fresh dog food company for your pups, switching to Ollie is a no brainer!

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