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Say goodbye to traditional dry kibble and hello to nutritious fresh dog food from Spot & Tango! Spot & Tango is a popular fresh dog food company with a focus on healthy and safe food for your pups.

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Spot & Tango are a subscription-based company that delivers a personalized meal plan for your dog(s) at a frequency of your choosing. What sets Spot & Tango apart from their competitors is that they offer both fresh wet food and the first ever fresh dry food if your dog prefers a crunch. If you’re considering giving Spot & Tango a try, they do offer a 2-week trial period and 100% money-back guarantee.


Safe and nutritious: All of Spot & Tango’s recipes are made with 100% fresh, whole ingredients and leave out the fillers, additives, and artificial preservatives.

Kibble and fresh food offerings: Unlike other fresh dog food companies, Spot & Tango offers both fresh wet food and fresh kibble.

Convenient: Food is delivered right to your door and is pre-portioned to be directly served to your dog.

Money back guarantee: Spot & Tango offers a 100% money-back guarantee if your dog doesn’t like their fresh food.


Only available in the contiguous U.S.: Spot & Tango only ships to the 48 continental states at this time.

No other pet food offered: Spot & Tango only sells dog food at this time which may be a deciding factor if you have other pets.

More about Spot & Tango...

Spot & Tango was founded by Russell Breuer back in 2014 and aims to provide human-grade dog food with immense nutritional value. Unlike traditional dry kibble that is filled with potentially harmful ingredients, Spot & Tango’s recipes are made without fillers, artificial preservatives, or additives.

The company notes 7 reasons why they say you should switch to Spot & Tango dog food:

  1. Spot & Tango’s fresh recipes help your dog live a longer and healthier life because of the high nutritional content. Many dog owners notice a difference in their dog’s coat, energy levels, and digestion.
  2. All of the company’s ingredients are fresh and sourced from local farms to provide the best nutrition as well as to support local farmers.
  3. If your dog isn’t happy with their Spot & Tango dog food, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
  4. All of Spot & Tango’s recipes were created with veterinarians, are made in USDA-approved kitchens, and meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (or the AAFCO) standards.
  5. Spot & Tango makes it super simple to feed your pups by delivering pre-portioned meals in eco-friendly packaging.
  6. Meal plans are fully customized to your dog’s age, weight, breed, and health goals. If you have a puppy, Spot & Tango will take that into account and automatically adjust their meal plans as they grow up.
  7. Dogs love the taste of fresh dog food compared to traditional dry kibble. Happier dogs=happier life!

The product

What’s great about Spot & Tango is that they offer two different kinds of food: UnKibble (which is the first fresh dry food) and fresh wet recipes. They offer three Unkibble recipes including duck and salmon, beef and barley, and chicken and brown rice. They also offer three fresh wet food recipes including turkey and red quinoa, beef and millet, and lamb and brown rice. Other ingredients in Spot & Tango’s recipes include carrots, peas, apples, eggs, spinach, blueberries, and more. It is important to note that compared to some other fresh dog food companies, Spot & Tango does not offer nearly as much protein in each meal–currently sitting at 11%-14% protein depending on the recipe. Additionally, UnKibble does not offer as many nutritional benefits as the fresh food does but it is a great option if you don’t have the fridge/freezer space or cannot afford a fresh meal plan.

Spot & Tango also sells two types of treats by the bag–Yam Yums made with 100% sweet potatoes and Chicken Munchies made with 100% chicken breast. Both of these are a healthy option to feed your dog in between larger meals.

How it works

To sign up for a Spot & Tango meal subscription, you have to first take a questionnaire. This quiz include your basic info as well as your dog’s details such as breed, age, weight, body type, target weight, sex, and more. They also ask about their activity level and if they have any known allergies or health conditions. All of this information helps to inform the recipes recommended for your dog and the caloric intake that will be provided in each meal. From there, you are able to choose between UnKibble and fresh food and the recipes within each type. Spot & Tango also offers a topper plan which allows you to mix fresh food in with your dog’s current diet. This helps to cut costs and/or slowly transition them over to fresh food.

After signing up for Spot & Tango and choosing the right recipes for your pup, the company will send out the food in 3-5 days. They offer a 2-week trial period and money-back guarantee if your dog doesn’t like the recipes. The company also offers a 20% discount for your first order. After the 2-week trial, Spot & Tango will automatically send the next batch of recipes.


As with most fresh dog food companies, Spot & Tango bases the cost of the meal plans off of your dog’s weight, age, and activity levels. To get the exact cost of your dog’s personal meal plan, you do have to go through the quiz. This can be a bit of a hassle when shopping for the best dog food prices. That said, Spot & Tango notes that their UnKibble plans start as low as $1 a day and fresh plans start at $2 a day. The company also sells treats which are priced at $12 a bag.

Here is a breakdown on the assumed average cost of fresh food based on the size of your dog:

  • Small dogs (10-20 pounds): $3 a day, totaling $90 a month
  • Small/medium dogs (20-40 pounds): $6.50 a day, totaling $195 per month
  • Medium/large dogs (40-65 pounds): $13 a day, totaling $390 per month
  • Large dogs (65+ pounds): $20 a day, totaling $600 per month

Here is a breakdown on the assumed average cost of UnKibble based on the size of your dog:

  • Small dogs (10-20 pounds): $1.75 a day, totaling $52 a month
  • Small/medium dogs (20-40 pounds): $4.75 a day, totaling $142.5 per month
  • Medium/large dogs (40-65 pounds): $7 a day, totaling $210 per month
  • Large dogs (65+ pounds): $13 a day, totaling $390 per month

 While Spot & Tango can be pricey depending on the size of your dog, it is important to note that their UnKibble offer is considerably less money when compared to their fresh dog food. Additionally, Spot & Tango also offers the option to order topper portions which allows you to mix in the fresh wet food with the kibble they already eat. This is a much cheaper option but still ensures that your dog is getting the boost of nutrition they need.

Spot & Tango reviews: feedback from customers

On the Spot & Tango website, the brand boasts 4.9 stars with over 620 reviews. Here are what a few Spot & Tango customers have to say about their fresh dog food:

“My dog, Judd, absolutely loves the Spot & Tango food. I’ve had several different interactions with Spot and Tango customer service and they have proven that they provide excellent service and support.” -Kelly, Spot & Tango website

“My 11 year old Yorkie has always been a picky eater, and now that she has lost several teeth, my options got even more slim. Thankful to have found Spot & Tango because she LOVES it!!” -Jordan, Spot & Tango website

“My dog Lulu loves her new food. She had gotten to the point that she was turning her nose up at her regular dog food. I was trying to spice it up with cheese and other things, but knew that wasn’t good for her. Love that I’m feeding her healthy every day!” -Laurie, Spot & Tango

“Our miniature Golden Doodle, Eddie was a very picky eater! We tried tons of different varieties before ordering from Spot and Tango, and thank goodness we did! He loves the special food they made him and never hesitated to eat his food now!” -Yvette, Spot & Tango


With all of this information in mind, is Spot & Tango worth your money? The nutritional value of fresh food is undoubtedly better than kibble and will offer noticeable changes in your dog’s health and energy levels. Of course, fresh food is much pricier than kibble and depending on your dog’s attributes, Spot & Tango can be quite an expensive commitment each month even when compared to other fresh dog food companies. Spot & Tango does offer two different types of fresh dog food (one being cheaper than the other) as well as treats and the option to choose a topper plan to significantly cut down on costs. The vast product offerings and flexible meal plans makes Spot & Tango worth it to help your dog have a healthier, happier, and longer life!

Help your dog live a healthier, happier and longer life

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