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If you have a furry friend at home, chances are you’ve probably heard of The Farmer’s Dog. This online subscription service makes and delivers fresh dog food right to your door!

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The Farmer’s Dog pride themselves on having high quality and safety standards when it comes to their food (and was even co-created with top vet nutritionists!) In fact, The Farmer’s Dog notes that over 80% of dogs will get dental disease in their lifetime, 60% are overweight, and 50% over the age of 10 will develop cancer–all of which can be connected back to dry food that contains dangerous ingredients and preservatives. What makes The Farmer’s Dog so special is that their pet food plans are personalized based on your pet’s breed, weight, age, activity levels, and more.


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Convenient: Food is delivered right to your door and pre-portioned to be directly served to your dog.

High quality and healthy: All of The Farmer’s Dog food is human-grade and sourced from reputable food suppliers and farms.

Vet developed: Their food is compliant with the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (or the AAFCO) standards.

Personalized: It’s easy to create a custom meal plan for your dog based on your preferences and their needs.

Fast and flexible shipping options: They make it simple to change deliveries and order sizes to fit your ever changing needs.


Only available in the contiguous U.S. at this time.

Requires fridge/freezer space: All food from The Farmer’s Dog is fresh without any preservatives which means it needs to be cooled.

Can be pricey: Cost can range anywhere from $60-$360 a month depending on your dog size.

More about The Farmer's Dog...

The Farmer’s Dog all started with a Rottweiler puppy named Jada. Her owner (and one of the founders of The Farmer’s Dog) noticed she suffered from severe digestive issues during the first two years of her life. To help Jada, Brett tried every type of dog food on the market but nothing seemed to help until one day, a vet suggested that he cook for her instead of feeding her dry food. To do this, Brett cooked ingredients that were pictured on a bag of dog food. Almost instantly, Jada’s digestive problems disappeared and the rest as they say, is history.

After Brett realized how detrimental traditional dry food could be to some dogs, he paired up with his friend and fellow dog owner, Jonathan Regev. The team founded The Farmer’s Dog in 2014 and is known for being one of the first companies to do fresh dog food the right way. They got the name ‘The Farmer’s Dog’ from being inspired by long-living farm dogs who typically eat scraps of human food from the farm.

Today, The Farmer’s Dog has grown to a team of over 300 employees and is worth well over $100 million. But don’t let their incredible growth fool you, at the core of their business, The Farmer’s Dog team still wants the same thing: to provide healthy and safe food for dogs across the country. And they know the value of being transparent with their customers. All of their dog food is human grade, fresh, vet-approved, made in USDA quality kitchens, and does not contain harsh preservatives. In fact, Brett and Jonathan still say to this day that they often taste test their dog food recipes to ensure they are fit for pups everywhere.

The product

What’s most important to remember about The Farmer’s Dog, is that their food is totally fresh and does not contain anything that we as humans wouldn’t want to eat. The problem with traditional dry dog food is that there are no government regulations that require companies to list all of the ingredients that are put into pet foods. This means that ingredient labels often list ingredients that aren’t actually in the food and don’t list the ones that are! Regardless of what the bag says, dry dog food can contain over processed chemicals and preservatives, a low percentage of actual meat, and even meat that comes from diseased animals. All of this can be harmful to your dog and can cause health issues if eaten during a prolonged period of time.

The Farmer’s Dog takes all of the guesswork out of feeding your dog. They offer four main recipes made with beef, chicken, turkey, or pork. While each recipe differs, these proteins are then mixed with other fresh ingredients such as carrots, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, fish oil, green beans, cauliflower, and more.

One thing to note is that The Farmer’s Dog only sells dog food at this time which may be frustrating if you have other pets in the house aside from dogs.

How it works

As noted previously in The Farmer’s Dog review, they will create a personalized meal plan based on your dog’s health needs, breed, weight, sex, and more. The first step to sign up for The Farmer’s Dog is their in-depth quiz that takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. First, they’ll ask you basic information about you and your dog such as your zip code, dog’s name, and how many dogs you have. Just to note that at this step, you do need to put in your email to move forward which can be off putting to people who are just trying to learn more information about the suggested meal plan.

Then, the quiz will ask you to share more details about your dog such as their age, weight, sex, breed, activity level, eating style, health issues, current food choice, and prescription diet (if applicable.) Once you finish taking the simple quiz, The Farmer’s Dog will then recommend a trial box featuring 2 weeks worth of food that is already pre-portioned for your dog. They do recommend the certain recipes they think will be beneficial for your specific dog but you always have the option to remove or add other recipes you think your furry friend would like.

After checkout, The Farmer’s Dog will send you (and your pup!) a box of food that is insulated with ice packs to keep it fresh during transit. Each bag of food contains all of their meals for an entire day. Once the trial period is over, your plan will automatically reorder every 8 weeks although you are able to change the shipping frequency at any time.


The Farmer’s Dog advertises that their meal plans start as low as $2 per day. The actual pricing of your dog’s meal plans will fluctuate depending on their weight. The pricing ranges from $4-$5 a day for a 25-pound dog, $8-$9 a day for a 55-pound dog, and can go up to $12 a day for any dog bigger than 55-pounds. With a $2-$12 a day price range, you could be paying up to $360 a month depending on the size of your dog, which is quite pricey! With that said, The Farmer’s Dog does say that the cost of premium dog food is offset by the overall lower price needed to spend on visits to the vet.

What’s great about The Farmer’s Dog though is that they do provide a two-week trial that is offered at a discounted 20% off rate. If your dog doesn’t end up liking the food from The Farmer’s Dog, they are willing to send you more recipes for them to try and you can always cancel your subscription and they will give you a refund if you donate the rest of the food to a dog shelter.

The Farmer’s Dog reviews: feedback from customers

On Google Reviews, the company has 4.8 stars from over 2,700 reviews. For The Farmer’s Dog review, it’s important to hear feedback from some verified customers of the company. Here are what a few dog moms and dads had to say about the fresh food company:

“The farmer’s dog has drastically increased the health of my dog.  Zelda has lost weight, she is no longer bloated, her teeth are stronger and cleaner, and her energy level has increased.  The deliveries are always on time when I need more food and it comes right to your door. 100% recommended this product, meals made specifically for each individual animal in your house.  Hands down the best quality and service you will find when it comes to fresh food for pets!  Thank you Farmers Dog ?” – Ryan Boyle

“The Farmer’s Dog service, quality and recipe choices have made a significant difference in all three of my pets’ energy and attitude.  I had two picky eaters and one that was overweight. Now all three are rambunctious, eager to play and seem more content after a meal.” -GG

“My puppy is typically super picky and will only eat kibble if I mix it with some kind of deli meat. This is an amazing and far healthier option for puppies and dogs who are selective with their food and are lacking proper nutrients. This food looks amazing and my dog has never looked forward to and been excited about feeding time until now. Highly highly recommend.” -Haily Morales


To summarize The Farmer’s Dog review: go for it! If you’re looking for a healthy dog food option for your pups, you really can’t go wrong with The Farmer’s Dog. Their process for building a custom meal plan for your dog is seamless, you don’t have to trek out to the store to buy dog food anymore, and you can feel good knowing that your dog is in great hands when it comes to their diet. In addition, The Farmer’s Dog has great subscription flexibility, awesome customer service, and is super easy to adjust or cancel if needed. It’s no surprise that The Farmer’s Dog grew to be such a huge company and continues to be a trusted source for dog lovers across the U.S.!

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